Pure Life Wellness is a woman-owned and well-trusted medical Cannabis dispensary that has been promoting the health and wellness of the Baltimore area for two years.

Our team believes the beautiful Cannabis plant is an incredibly useful alternative medicine for treating a vast array of health issues and for promoting overall organic wellness.

Our owner, Jaclyn Dolaway, is local to the Baltimore area and began Pure Life Wellness with an intention to support the prosperity of her beloved community by offering reliable Cannabis products for natural healing and symptom management.

About Pure Life Wellness in Baltimore

Staying True to Our Roots in Federal Hill

About Pure Life Wellness in Baltimore

We are proud to be located in Historic Federal Hill, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Since Federal Hill earned its name in 1788, it has been a boon to our country’s growth and home to thousands of immigrants and their descendants who have created a culture rich in tradition and community. These deep roots in our country’s past inspire us to cultivate avenues for good health and wellbeing so that this community can continue to flourish.

We love the iconic green hill and its breathtaking view of the city and harbor.

We love being so close to the cherished Baltimore Orioles and Ravens stadiums.

We love places like the old-fashioned Cross Street Market, the eclectic shops, and the diverse eateries and pubs that all pulse with the life of old Baltimore.

But most of all, we love the charming people who live here. That’s why we seek to enhance the quality of their lives and keep the enchanting spirit of Federal Hill alive and well.

Our Staff

Our friendly and experienced staff will go above and beyond to ensure your experience at Pure Life Wellness is as enjoyable as possible. They bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to help a range of customers, from new to experienced users.

Your in-store experience is always treated like a consultation, not just a purchase. We work to create a relaxed atmosphere for open communication so that together we can identify your feelings, intentions, and individual needs to make the most informed recommendation for your treatment.

Together we can heal and grow to our fullest potential.

About Pure Life Wellness in Baltimore

Please call or visit our store located at 35 E Cross Street, Baltimore, MD 21230 if you have any questions or would like to work with us to become pain and/or symptom-free.