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Cannabis has a reputation for making people lazy and silly, which is why it may seem so incompatible with exercise. But, Cannabis could actually be just what you need to boost your exercise routine and enhance your healthy lifestyle. The key is finding the right strain that produces the right effect at the right time.

A Natural Source of Energy

There is a misconception that ALL Cannabis makes you relaxed, but its effects can vary greatly depending on the strain and dosage.

Many Sativa strains can actually energize you and produce an uplifting head-based high that improves focus and motivation. That means you can skip the sugary energy drinks and pre-workout powders for a more natural source of energy: Cannabis.

Research shows that our blood pressure and heart rate can increase while smoking and for about an hour afterward, depending on the dose. This can be great for getting hyped up for the gym and pumping out all your sets with zeal.

But keep in mind the possible risks this could have when you exert yourself. If you have heart disease, obviously you should be extra wary of this effect on your heart health. But even healthy individuals should watch out for any dizziness that could accompany a change in blood pressure during a strenuous workout.

Working out with Cannabis at Pure Life Wellness in Baltimore | Portrait of smiling young woman stretching at park

Benefits of Pairing Cannabis & Exercise

Working out with Cannabis at Pure Life Wellness in Baltimore | Outdoor Workout Exercise
Working out with Cannabis at Pure Life Wellness in Baltimore | liquid Cannabis
Working out with Cannabis at Pure Life Wellness in Baltimore | Sportsman doing exercise for arms

Cannabis can have many benefits for the fitness enthusiast, both mentally and physically.

One of the main reported benefits of consuming Cannabis before your workout is increased enjoyment of certain activities, especially repetitive motions like running or lifting. It can stimulate feel-good brain receptors that mimic endorphins, providing a boost similar to a “runner’s high” that can enhance your endurance and motivation during a workout.

Plus, its calming effects can relieve performance or pre-workout anxiety, helping you to get in the zone, train smarter, and focus on form and feeling over everything else.

The anti-inflammatory properties can also suppress pain, further increasing your endurance and ability to push through the burn of a strenuous workout. And even though the more relaxing Indica strains may not be the ideal pre-workout, they could be a great post-workout option to reduce the pain of sore muscles, get the proper amount of sleep, and help you recover faster.

Top 10 Best Strains for Working Out

Best 5 Pre-Workout Strains

  1. East Coast Sour Diesel – Dubbed the “energy drink of weed,” this strain has active, motivating, and joyful effects. Enjoy increased focus and optimism when consuming this strain, perfect for pre-workout.
  2. Durban Poison – This racy sativa has been called the “espresso” of Cannabis due to its stimulating and clear-headed high with no trace of “stoning.” This strain will uplift your creativity and give you that energetic kick to go kill that workout.
  3. Harlequin – This low-THC, high-CBD strain has minimal psychoactive effects, giving you a clear-headed high. Great for before a lifting session because of the focus enhancing and pain relieving effects.
  4. Jillybean – Incredibly uplifting and euphoric, Jillybean is great for when you need that extra push to get to the gym. It doesn’t weigh down your body at all, instead giving a happy head-buzz and focused energy for some inspired exercise.
  5. Ghost Train Haze – This sativa will heighten your awareness of your surroundings, often causing a desire to get up and go on adventures. A great pair to a long hike or outdoor workout because of the carefree feelings and potent buzz that will leave you appreciating your surroundings on a whole new level.

Best 5 Post-Workout Strains

  1. Cannatonic – This high-CBD hybrid strain is great for a post-morning workout because it has little psychoactive effects and a pain and stress-relieving body high. Your calm mindset and relaxed muscles will let you get through the rest of your day with ease.
  2. Black Domina – This powerful indica is ideal at the end of the day when you want complete relaxation of the body & mind. It will put your muscles into full-on recovery mode before that relaxing evening bath or heavy, deep sleep.
  3. Kryptonite – With a high THC content, this strain will treat the most severe pain with its extremely relaxing body effect. If you use this after an intense workout, you’ll slip off into dream-world in no time.
  4. Sweet Kush – The body and mind will be feeling the strong calming effects of this hybrid. Definitely use post-workout because it will have you feeling lazy and sedated for optimally relaxed muscles and thoughts.
  5. Great White Shark – This heavy hitting indica is perfect for sore muscles and fatigue because of the euphoric buzz that seeps through your body. Often recommended for chronic pain, this strain will loosen any stiffness and help you continue the rest of your day with relief.

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